February 8, 2021
Thank you for your patience.
The Town of Natick is holding by-appointment only COVID-19 clinics for those getting their first shot. The Clinics are at the Community Senior Center on February 9 and February 11.

In following the guidelines set by the Commonwealth, these Clinics are only open to those who:
Meet Phase One Eligibility AND live or work in Natick
Natick Residents over the age of 75
Registration and Phase 1 attestation are required.

All those who sign up for a clinic will be required to bring a Letter of Attestation stating Phase 1 eligibility as well as residency or employment in Natick. Download and print attestation form here:

Open the following link and follow the appointment registration instructions.

There is no charge to you but your health insurance information will allow us to be reimbursed for administering the vaccine.

Tues. February 9, 2021: https://www.maimmunizations.org/client/registration?clinic_id=554
Thurs. February 11, 2021: https://www.maimmunizations.org/client/registration?clinic_id=555

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