Are payment refunds acceepted?

No, refunds will not be accepted after payment is processed.

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1. Why make the change to 5 for $50 (as of 7/1/23)?
2. Can I put my smaller items in a bag?
3. What if I leave out my bulky pickup and people take the items?
4. What if I leave 5 items out and some items are left behind?
5. What if I put out more than 5 items?
6. What if I don’t have a credit card?
7. Can we order more than 1 pickup per week?
8. Can I schedule out for a pickup?
9. What if I ONLY have items not included in the 5 for $50 program? eg. mattresses
10. Can I still visit the DPW building (75 West St.) to schedule in-person?
11. Are payment refunds acceepted?