Community & Economic Development

Community & Economic Development (CED) is a department comprised of series of offices that support economic growth and business retention, inspection services, conservation and protection of natural resources and land, permitting and planning, preservation of historic structures and neighborhoods, creation of diverse housing, and increased transportation options. CED supports many boards and commissions, and work efforts are aligned with the goals identified in Natick 2030+, the Town’s Comprehensive Master Plan.


Spring Town Meeting 2023

Please review the documents below that have been prepared for Spring Annual Town Meeting. 

  1. Article 24: Center Gateway (CG) Zoning District

Center Gateway Zoning District To see if the Town will vote to amend the Natick Zoning Bylaw and Zoning Map to create a new zoning district (in the area of East Central Street/Union Street/Grant Street), which will serve as a transition between the Downtown Mixed-use (DM) Zoning District and the surrounding zoning districts. Amend the Zoning Bylaw to create a new Section III-EE Center Gateway (CG) Zoning District Bylaw, and further amend the Zoning Bylaw to support the creation of the new CG Zoning District, which include but is not limited to amending Section 200 – Definitions; Sections II-A.1 Permitted Uses in Districts; Section II-A.2 Use Regulation Schedule; Section IV-B Intensity Regulations by Zoning District and associated footnotes; Section V-D Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirements; Sections V-H.D. Signs and Advertising Devices; and Section V.I Outdoor Lighting Section VI-DD Special Permit Procedures and Site Plan Review of the Natick Zoning Bylaw, or otherwise, act thereon. And to further amend the Natick Zoning Map to create a new Center Gateway Zoning District as shown on the map on file in the Town Clerk’s Office; or otherwise, act thereon.

  1. Article 25: Use Regulation Schedule - Table of Use
  1. Article 26: Open Space Residential Development  (OSRD)
  1. Article 27: Inclusionary Housing
  1. Articles 28 and 29: Highway Mixed Use - I (HM-I)
  1. Article 30: Citizen Petition - Pond Road