What do you need to know if you have Wetland areas on your property?
You need to know that it is illegal to fill Wetland areas. For example, no yard waste, such as leaves, grass, and brush can be dumped in Wetland areas; that includes a 100 foot bordering area of land, commonly known as the Wetland buffer zone.

There are legal options available for discarding yard waste. Natick residents can take yard waste to the Recycling Center located on West Street during the week or wait for spring and fall curbside pick-up of yard waste sponsored by the Department of Public Works (DPW). Check the DPW page for details and schedules for the Recycling Center and the spring and fall clean-ups.

Most yard waste can also be composted in a backyard composter. Backyard composters can be purchased at local stores or at the DPW yard on West Street.

You should also know that it is illegal to alter a Wetland area without the approval of the Natick Conservation Commission. A home improvement construction project located inside the 100 foot buffer zone most likely needs approval by the Natick Conservation Commission. Check this website for details on applications and the Commission’s meeting schedules.

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2. What do you need to know if you have Wetland areas on your property?
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