Can my retirement benefits be assigned or attached?
Massachusetts General Law (M.G.L.) Chapter 32 governs the Commonwealth's public employee contributory retirement systems. The Natick Contributory Retirement Board is one such system.

M.G.L. c.32 specifically directs how and under what circumstances a member's retirement benefits may be attached or assigned. No assignment of any right to an annuity, pension or retirement allowance shall be valid unless specifically directed in M.G.L. c.32. Presently, the provisions of M.G.L. c.32, §§19, 19A, 19B and 19C allow attachments and assignments of pension benefits in the following circumstances:
  • assignments made pursuant to certain support orders, including qualified domestic relations orders
  • assignments made to provide restitution in instances of dereliction of duty
  • assignments made by a member for the purpose of payment of a health or life insurance premium, for a policy related to work and in effect on the member's retirement
  • repayments of benefits paid by the Commonwealth for those individuals who have become public charges
  • notice of levy issued by the Internal Revenue Service for the purposes of collecting unpaid federal tax

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1. Can my retirement benefits be assigned or attached?
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